Use of ozone generator in water purification

Ozone generator is a system ozone generator
Which of the three methods of corona electric discharge, ultraviolet radiation and electrolysis of high purity water
It is used to produce ozone. This device is known as ozone disinfection device, environment sterilization system, ozone air purification system, Sars and Corona virus removal device, mask and surface sterilization device and ozone injection package into air, water and sewage.

Ozone generators or ozone generators are used to produce ozone to clean the air, eliminate the smell of smoke in empty rooms, disinfect polluted environments, and purify sanitary wastewater.
be. Ozone generators can produce more than 3 grams of ozone per hour. Ozone is often formed in conditions where O2 does not react with it.

Use of ozone generator in water purification

One of the methods of converting impure water into pure drinking water is using ozone treatment. Ozone destroys all bacteria, viruses and pollutants, oxidizes both organic and inorganic substances. Removes excess taste, odor and color and disinfects the best. Both drinking water and pool water are treated with ozone water generator. Ozone is used to disinfect drinking water because it has antibacterial properties and a long life.

Water has been used for drinking for a long time. Today, water purification and disinfection is very important. Chlorination is the most popular and oldest method of water purification. However, it has a number of negative side effects for consumers. As a result, chlorine has been replaced by a safe and reliable water treatment process. The most common method of water filtration today is the use of an ozone generator.

Ozone is a blue atomic chemical with an odor
It is spicy. Ozone is highly flammable and has a strong oxidizing capacity. This molecule
It is very reactive and reacts with other molecules quickly and easily.
Due to its high disinfection and strong oxidation, ozone is used for water disinfection and purification.

کاربرد دستگاه ازن ساز تصفیه آب

از  ازن ژنراتور در تصفیه آب  در صنایع گوناگونی استفاده می‌شوند. این دستگاه ازن ساز کاربردهای مختلفی دارد که در زیر به برخی از آن‌ها اشاره میکنیم:

  • تولید آب
    معدنی و نوشیدنی در بخش مواد غذایی و آشامیدنی
  • در مجموعه‌های
    ورزشی آبی و استخرهای شنا
  • استخرهایی
    برای پرورش ماهی و آبزیان
  • تصفیه و ضد
    عفونی آب در کارخانه‌ها و کارگاه‌های صنعتی با استفاده از دستگاه ازن مولد
  • ضدعفونی و
    تصفیه آب طیور (دستگاه ازن ساز مرغداری)
    از مولدهای ازن به دلیل قدرت بسیار بیشتر آن‌ها در از بین بردن میکروب‌ها و
    بیماری‌ها نسبت به کلر در حال گسترش است
  • ضد عفونی و
    تصفیه آب دام
  • ضدعفونی
    میوه ها و سبزیجات
    برداشت شده به دلیل عوامل مختلف از جمله دست آلوده برداشت کننده به سرعت به
    مرور زمان خراب می‌شوند، در حالی که با ازن زنی از این امر جلوگیری می‌شود