Wastewater treatment package for office buildings In the construction of wastewater treatment packages for office buildings using biological methods Different filters are used. Choosing the right method for the industrial wastewater treatment package and Hygiene is based on less sludge production. This means that any method with the amount of production Less sludge is suitable for the sewage treatment package of office buildings. Mainly purification methods with low amount of sludge from the method Aerobics follows to break down more solids and leave less sludge. The reason for the importance of the amount of sludge The downside is that the waste water production of these buildings is very high, and on the other hand, it cannot be done He allocated large reservoirs for it. Continuous discharge of sludge is not an easy task and causes a lot of pollution in addition to the cost.
Process of wastewater treatment package for office buildings Sewage production in office buildings is mainly caused by service production waste water Sanitary and wastewater is produced from washing different surfaces, and if it is present in the administrative building of the restaurant, that wastewater is also added to the collection of production wastewater, otherwise, it is only the wastewater from washing the dishes of the employees that must be calculated and Purification by urban sewage treatment package be made The per capita wastewater production in office buildings per person is as follows: The building has a restaurant for cooking and serving food 8 working hours average 65 liters 12 hours Medium curry 78 liters The building does not have a restaurant and only the food dishes of the staff are washed 8 working hours average 55 liters 12 working hours average 65 liters 24 working hours average 90 liters selection The treatment process is one of the most important parts of designing a wastewater treatment system that any mistake in it causes a waste of financial and time costs, many factors can be effective in choosing the type of purification, which is perhaps the most important They are: The ratio of BOD to Cod Standard desired output Density Each of the physical and chemical parameters of wastewater, especially two important pollutants, BOD and COD The amount of waste water produced or the use of metal packages for the treatment of human sanitary waste water A very suitable method for purifying production wastewater and recovering wastewater from these complexes is considered.
Common methods of building wastewater treatment I see Different methods for Treatment of office wastewater can be used, but according to the quality of produced wastewater, The use of aerobic methods to treat wastewater in office buildings can be a The appropriate method for treating the wastewater of these complexes and reusing the treated wastewater is,which will reduce water consumption for irrigating the green spaces of the offices.
Wastewater treatment by EAAS method One of the methods used in the building wastewater treatment package Administrative systems are extensive aeration with modified activated sludge methods. This method is very muddy It produces a little. The wastewater is first introduced into a primary clarifier and then for Biological treatment is prepared. In this stage, a certain amount of sludge is produced, which is called primary sludge. The primary sludge during aerobic treatment stages, It decomposes and after that the amount of remaining sludge, which is called secondary sludge, is much less. The concentration of secondary sludge is high and to decompose the primary sludge and turn it into sludge Second, more time is needed for aerobic microorganisms to complete the purification process.
Wastewater treatment by SBR method From the series of methods Used in the wastewater treatment package of office buildings, sequential batch reactors (SBR) or sequential batch reactors are a type of Sludge treatment processes are active. In this system, there are 5 stages which are called feeding, aeration, sedimentation, emptying and stillness respectively. Tank inlet valve It is opened and then by a mechanical step, the solids are crushed. In the next step, aeration is done with the help of aeration diffusers. In the third stage, sedimentation and aeration are done simultaneously be. In step 4, the purified wastewater is removed from the system. The aeration time is based on The amount of wastewater produced is from 60 to 90 minutes. In this system do The nitrification process is done with the help of oxygen given to the wastewater. this The process of converting nitrogen from its reduced ammonia form to oxidized and nitrate forms It is oxidized and forms nitrate. One of the best systems used in the package Sewage treatment of office buildings, sewage treatment system It is SBR.

Wastewater treatment by IFAS method

In the purification package
Wastewater from office buildings is treated using the IFAS method, which is a secondary wastewater treatment method. These IFAS wastewater treatment systems consist of a series of absorbent filters and biological treatment sections and rotating biological contactors.
This system in the package
Wastewater treatment of office buildings uses a combination of activated sludge system with growth
It is suspended and fixed. Activated sludge adheres and grows on a substrate of different materials called media. Their adherent growth is considered as fixed substrate and their growth on top of each other without connecting to the media is considered as suspended part.

These media are made in two ways, one model is large media that cannot be moved, and the other model is small media and can be suspended on the surface of the sewage. The advantage of small media is its very high contact surface. On the other hand, the suspended growth of sludge also increases the contact surface of the entire wastewater with sludge, which leads to more even treatment.

Use of small media

It has another great advantage, which is that less space and a smaller tank are needed for the wastewater treatment packages of office buildings. Due to the lack of space in the buildings
This option is also very suitable for administration.

Wastewater treatment by RBC method From the series of systems that are commonly used in the wastewater treatment package of office buildings, RBC can be mentioned. A rotary biological contactor or RBC is a type of biological wastewater treatment process, and first, a filter separates sand and suspended solid particles from the wastewater, and then the biological treatment process begins. Sewer with a film Biological remains in contact and this biological film can treat wastewater. This assembly consists of a series of closely spaced parallel disks mounted on a rotating shaft, and these disks are located just above the surface of the sewage. This system has disadvantages that make its use a little more limited. There must be a power source for the system, and this is a big problem. This system must be protected against climate change and requires expert personnel to work with it. But the advantages of the IFAS purification system It is possible to refer to the proper treatment of BODs and organic substances. space required for Usage is low, sludge production is very low and process stability is high. All these conditions have caused many companies to use this system in the sewage treatment package of the building use administrative.