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Established: 1388

Export-oriented development of engineering and contracting services in the water and sewage industry

Atiaco atiaco or Ati Sazan Arsham Sanat Company is an active company in Iran’s water and wastewater industry, which was established in 2008 with the efforts of a group of experts and elites of the country’s water and wastewater industry. Relying on the experience of its experts, this company is now known as a pioneer of new technologies in this industry. The ultimate goal of this company is to supply the art and strength of Iranian engineering at the global level, and its first priority is always the development of export-oriented engineering and contracting services in the field of water industry, sewage and waste water recycling and its export outside the borders of the country.

We are always looking for new engineering challenges.

Atiaco group


Contributing to the sustainable development of societies and industries through the development of water treatment and recycling technologies from wastewater and industrial effluents. Helping the national economy and the growth of technology in the country through the export of engineering and contracting services


Exporting engineering and contracting services in the field of water and sewage to countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia and expanding the field of activities outside the borders of the region.


Together with industries and cities in the path of sustainable development by implementing purification and recycling projects

Water and sewage

All cities and industries need water and they all produce sewage. We were always worried about the industries and communities because natural resources were running out due to the increasing need, and we were worried about the environment because the wastewater was not always purified and discharged into the environment. This cycle is complete and with the recycling of waste water, what is collected from natural resources will not be discharged into the environment.

Mining and metal industries

Mines, processing and recovery units, pellet factories, steel factories and metal rolling complexes

Refining and petrochemicals

Industries related to oil and gas, refining and petrochemical, upstream and downstream, onshore facilities, oil platforms and tankers.

Water and power plant

Gas power plants, combined cycle power plants, water and wastewater treatment plants and desalination complexes.

Cities and communities

Regional and provincial water supply plans, cities, towns, small communities, hospitals, hotels, military centers and barracks.

Industries and communities

Atiako’s pride is to accompany industries and cities in order to achieve the ideals of sustainable development. In this regard, we are looking for opportunities to use the wisdom, experience and knowledge of Iranian engineers to recycle waste water and supply drinking and industrial water from sustainable sources. Sea water is a permanent and sustainable source for the development of industries and cities, and our technologies are a reliable solution to transform this permanent source into a permanent source of drinking and industrial water. The cities are always standing and the sewage of the cities is a permanent source for supplying water to the industries and Atiaco supports the industries to use this permanent source as much as possible in order to help the industrial and economic growth of the communities in addition to helping to preserve the environment. And this is the most accurate translation for sustainable development.

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