package Industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment package is a device that can be used
Treat industrial wastewater produced by various industries and treated effluent in the same
Reuse industry, in addition to reducing water consumption costs from pollution
The environment also prevented.

As you know, sewers
Industry has very destructive effects on the environment. So the purification of this type of
Sewers are made with different methods and the design of these methods is also according to the type
It is a pollutant that exists in chemical and industrial wastewater. One of these methods
The use of industrial wastewater treatment package. This package is a system made of metal body, poly
Ethylene or composite, which are solid and liquid wastes produced by complexes
Collect industrial, refinery, petrochemical, as well as hospitals, commercial units, etc
and turns it into non-dangerous substances.

Chemical wastewater treatment package or
Industrial, due to the presence of organic substances and dangerous microorganisms in wastewater
Industrial is considered as one of the most essential equipment in the field of wastewater treatment. In continuation of this
The article is a comprehensive and complete guide regarding the introduction of these packages, features, and specifications
Related to their design, production and construction, price, benefits and application will be presented.

What is an industrial wastewater treatment package?

One of the biggest concerns in developed countries is excessive water consumption
industrial units as well as the entry of polluting and dangerous substances into the environment. Industry
and industrial factories currently consume the most water around the world
They also produce the same proportion of the major waste water. In addition to drinking a lot of water
Industrial units, occurrence of drought problems in different regions of the world, industrial wastewater
production, are considered a new threat to the environment. Industrial effluents according to
The type of industry, production method and type of water consumption have different quantity and quality. For example, the
Bacteria present in hospital effluents are capable of spreading various types of diseases
and by infiltrating the soil and underground water, they create countless dangers.

The cases have led to the design of the industrial wastewater treatment package in different and more complex ways
From the treatment of sanitary wastewaters to before entering these wastewaters
Nature is purified and the dangerous pollutants in it are eliminated.

Industrial and hospital wastewater after entering the chemical wastewater package,
It will go through several stages and in each stage, a part of their pollutants will be removed
became. The removal of pollutants and dangerous substances continues until the wastewater enters nature
Do not cause any problems. Of course, it should also be noted that the design and construction of systems
Wastewater depends on the type of wastewater, organic matter and pollutants present in it. So that the packages
Hospital wastewater treatment will be very different from food industry factories.

the door
Actually, the wastewater treatment package of these industries such as slaughterhouses, protein products, industries
Milk and dairy products are among the cheapest and most economical packages.

Types of incoming sewage

In order to design all types of wastewater treatment packages and install wastewater treatment systems, we need to have enough information about all types of wastewater
because each type of sewage requires a special type of facilities and equipment for treatment
are. According to experts, wastewaters are divided into three main categories;

Sanitary or human sewage

to wastewaters from residential areas, apartment units and also
Commercial and administrative centers, laboratories, medical centers and hospitals, human sewage
Or it is called health. This type of sewage in the outbreak of many diseases.
Microbes and mutated types of viruses have played a significant role and their purification is a huge task
It is important for the health of human society and other living beings on earth. Mainly for
This type of wastewater is treated using aerobic biological methods.

2. Industrial and chemical wastewater

Chemical and industrial wastewaters are another type of wastewater that comes from workshops
Industrial, power plants, oil and gas refineries, food and dairy factories, etc
etc. are produced and an industrial wastewater treatment package is used for their treatment.
Wastewater processed by these devices is often reused by the industry
And therefore it will reduce the consumption of water and energy.

According to the research, chemical pollutant particles and organic substances
Dangerous substances in industrial wastewaters are about 99% more than sanitary wastewaters
It was human, therefore, in order to prepare high-quality waste water from this type of sewage, it is necessary to
Aerobic and anaerobic methods should be used in combination.

Also in these sewers
Attention should be paid to the corrosive property of the body material
It has a lot of acidity and organic and chemical substances as well as toxic microorganisms in them
is a lot

3. Surface sewage

This type of sewers is often hidden from the public and needs special attention
can’t But it should be noted that the majority of surface wastewaters are minerals, materials
They form oil, soot and dust, plant residues and animal carcasses. this
Wastewaters are often caused by changes in climatic and atmospheric conditions, as well as due to the occurrence of rainfall
intense and melting ices occur. With the flow of water from rain and melting
Ice, dirt on the surface of the earth, such as all kinds of garbage, objects, infectious materials, etc
They move with the flow of water.

These factors lead to the onset of rains
Acidity and rapid melting of ice, the amount of pollution has increased to a significant extent and with the decrease of the amount
Water level, pollution will also decrease significantly.

Types of industrial wastewater treatment packages

In general, regardless of the type of industrial waste water produced, there are various packages and methods for treating chemical and industrial waste water, the main ones of which are fully explained below;

1. Physical treatment of industrial wastewater

The first step in industrial wastewater treatment is to remove suspended and solid particles in water. This type of removal is called physical removal of industrial wastewater. The removal and collection of these particles will be done in different ways, among these methods we can mention garbage collection, filtration and chemical composition. The best type of physical method in the industrial wastewater treatment package is garbage collection, which includes manual garbage collection, mechanical garbage collection, and net garbage collection.

Clarifiers, like scavengers, remove grit and sand by about 95%. Of course, in using a clarifier, only solid particles with large sizes will be removed, organic and inorganic materials will remain. Actually, in the physical method, physical forces and characteristics are used to remove solid materials.

2. Chemical treatment of industrial wastewater

There are various methods for removing pollutants from industrial wastewater, including aeration, coagulation and flocculation, ion exchange and pH adjustment. The main method among the said methods is adding chemicals to eliminate pollutants, and the sewage degreaser is also used for this purpose.

In fact, tanks and ponds intended for adding chemicals are the second step in removing industrial pollutants. The type of chemical substance added to these ponds depends on the type of pollutant present in the wastewater. For example, if the pollutant is oil, diesel and colloidal particles, it is possible to separate these substances from water by adding and injecting chemical coagulants. There have been other methods to remove colloidal particles, including DAF degreaser, API degreaser and CPI degreaser.

Another device used in the process of mixing coagulant materials is the clarifier. By using this device, materials will be mixed at a high speed and it will be easier for them to settle.

3. Biological treatment of industrial wastewater

Treatment with biological methods in the industrial wastewater treatment package is one of the most important
The steps are in purification. Two of the most widely used methods in the wastewater treatment industry involve passing through the bed
Sludge is in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, and each of these conditions has special designs
It has its own and needs to provide different technology.

Aerobic method:
Aerobic method, indicating the presence of oxygen to carry out biological activities
Is. In fact, biological processes that are carried out in the presence of oxygen
It is called aerobic and if these processes are used for purification, methods
It is called aerobic biological. Examples of aerobic methods include RBC, SBR, and MBR, and RBC and SBR are among the most well-known of these methods.
are considered

Anaerobic method:

If the purification processes are carried out in the absence of oxygen, to it
Anaerobic processes are called. Anaerobic method is also part of biological wastewater treatment
It is considered industrial. Among these methods, UASB, FBR, ASBR can be mentioned.

Generally the most original
The technology used in the anaerobic method is related to the UASB method
In which, the industrial wastewater passed through several layers of granular sludge and then in the reaction
They produce biogas with organic materials and microorganisms in wastewater.

Biogas is removed from the upper part, which indicates the removal of dangerous pollutants
It is from sewage. The UASB method is also known as the blanket method, which is often included in the wastewater treatment package
It is used in the food and textile industries.

Places where industrial wastewater treatment packages are used

Chemical wastewater treatment packages are very important in industries because they save a lot of money and energy. If the heavy metals in these wastewaters enter nature, they will pose a great risk to human health and other living beings. These purification devices are used in many places and industries, including the following;

Paper and cardboard related industries
Petrochemical and oil industry
Food industry
Iron industry and steel making
Milk factories and dairy products
Textile factories
Factories producing detergents and hygiene products
Drug factories
Factories producing meat products
car washes

Industrial wastewater treatment package design

For the design of the industrial wastewater treatment package, a lot of precision and various factors and standards should be considered. Among the things that influence the design of these packages, the following can be mentioned;

type of sewage
Type of pollutant
Heavy metals in wastewater
Oily sewage
BOD level
The amount of COD
The amount of TOC and FOG
Factory and industry activity area
Temperature and PH
The amount of waste water produced in certain periods of time
Materials used in the manufacture of parts and components of the chemical wastewater treatment package

Various parts are designed for the construction of this type of sewage treatment packages, which include the tank, mechanical garbage collector, sludge collection systems, electric motors, electrical panels, pipes and connections. Carbon steel metal profiles are often used to make the body of the tanks because the body of the tank has the most contact with chemical wastes. The epoxy coatings used in the design of these tanks make them very resistant to corrosion. Of course, it should also be noted that the capacity of the tank and the amount of produced wastewater can be effective in choosing the material of the tank at the time of design. So that in most of the small filtration packages, fiberglass is used to make the tank body of the package.

Industrial wastewater treatment package units

The industrial wastewater treatment package has parts and systems that create the overall package and its efficiency, applications and strength. It should be noted that it is not possible to mention all the details of these types of packages, but the important parts and units of chemical wastewater treatment packages are as follows;

Garbage collection and granulation unit in sewage treatment plant
Adjusting the flow of the inflow to the sewage treatment package and balancing system
Station for adjusting and uniform pumping of wastewater entering the package
Water and wastewater PH control and regulation unit
Biological detection unit and identification of the use of aerobic or anaerobic method
The main aeration system that works with the help of blower systems and diffusers.
Reservoir necessary for the settling of biological masses
Storage unit, depot and sludge mass digester
Setting up a chlorinator and ozone generator to disinfect wastewater from chemicals and microorganisms
The section related to wastewater chlorination
Digester related to sewage production sludge

Wastewater treatment package equipment

Blower system used in aeration
Sludge pumps
Ozone generator or injection pump for disinfection
Electrical panel to control various electrical systems
Centrifugal pumps for filtration in industrial wastewater treatment package
Sand filter for physical purification
Carbon filter and filter press

Capacity and dimensions of the industrial wastewater treatment package

Determining the amount of produced wastewater as well as the capacity and dimensions of the chemical wastewater treatment package is one of the important information in the field of purchasing these types of packages. Depending on the type of use and the liters of water consumed during the day, the capacity of the sewage treatment device will vary. In general, the higher the amount of water consumption in a place due to the existence of climatic and cultural fields, the amount of green space, urban facilities, the level of health and safety, the number of residential units, working industries, etc., as a result, the production of wastewater is also higher. will be.

This case makes it possible to design a suitable capacity for chemical and industrial wastewater treatment packages depending on the user’s needs. Among the important factors in determining the capacity and dimensions of the wastewater treatment package, the following can be mentioned;

Inlet volume and sewage discharge
The amount of wastewater to be reused in the industry
Attention to various quality indicators such as BOD5 and COD
Detection and analysis of the quality of industrial, chemical and sanitary wastewaters
Determining the working efficiency of industrial wastewater treatment packages

It should also be noted that some types of chemical and industrial wastewater treatment devices have the ability to increase the volume of their tank, and the tank of the device can be changed by spending a small amount of money. If the capacity of the tank and its dimensions are not enough for industrial, complex and urban consumption wastewater, many damages will be caused to the treatment package, which sometimes cannot be compensated.

Types of industrial wastewater treatment packages in terms of structure

. Industrial wastewater treatment package with material
Composite and fiberglass body

Some types of industrial wastewater treatment devices, using materials
Composite, fiber, fiberglass and industrial resin are made. These types of purification packages
Wastewater is produced in various sizes and capacities of the tank and the ability to change the volume of the tank
also have

The most prominent sector for the use of composite material and fiberglass in the sector
It is a package repository. Also in some small refineries of fiberglass for cover
They use the body of the tank.

Chemical wastewater treatment package from
Polyethylene material

According to the capacity and volume of the industry in the production of wastewater, from all types of polyethylene pipes

It is used with diameters of 2 to 3 meters. In fact, whatever the volume and capacity of industrial use and
residential has more sewage production, larger diameter pipes, usually 3 meters,
are used Also, if there is enough space in an industry to place a sewage treatment package
If there is no industry, this device can be installed as a burial.

the door
This is the use of polyethylene and composite materials, unlike metal materials, for
The construction of the tank is quite suitable, because the metal body for the tank rusts over time
and corroded, and this type of tank is not able to withstand the dead loads of the soil.

The last point in this regard is the cost of installing and setting up the packages
Wastewater treatment made of polyethylene will be very affordable and economical.

Industrial wastewater treatment device with
Metal body

These types of packages according to the type of needs of the industries used and also
The final decision of the owner of the manufacturing industry and factories, made and the thickness of the metal sheet of the floor
The body is also determined. Often to make these types of packages from black steel sheets
will be used.

4. Concrete structures in the purification device
Industrial wastewater

According to the needs of industrial owners and other manufacturing plants, for
Creating more capacities than usual for chemical and industrial wastewater treatment packages should be done
It used infrastructures and types of concrete structures. The use of these structures and
Concrete infrastructure is because the design of high-quality wastewater treatment systems and
Also, the construction of aeration systems in large dimensions, using all kinds of metal materials,
Composite, fiberglass and polyethylene are not possible and the work efficiency of the package is possible
reduce to a great extent.

Also, using this type of material (metal, composite, polyethylene)
It creates many limitations in the assembly of parts and moving. Of course
It should also be considered that if the volume of sewage input is more than 2000 cubic meters
In length, a concrete treatment plant should be built for the package.

5. Use of composite material in
Industrial wastewater treatment package

Sometimes it is possible to make wastewater treatment packages with a high input volume.
He used the combination of composite, polyethylene and metal structures and with the coordination of this
He used the material together for a specific purpose. It can be done with modular design
It has produced portable packages and also the possibility of creating hydraulic shocks for operators
A workshop will also be created.

The price of the industrial wastewater treatment package

Before any explanation, the items that affect the price of the sewage treatment package
are mentioned below;

Type of use of industry and sewage
Unique items in the wastewater production process
Flow rate and volume of wastewater entering the treatment package
The material of the body of the chemical waste treatment package and
Dimensions and capacity of the tank of the device
Type of pipes and fittings
Environmental and climatic conditions of the location of the package
Wastewater treatment
Different systems and units used in
Package design
Wastewater treatment percentage
The quality and quantity of effluent from the treatment package
Chemical and industrial wastewater

Of course, it should be noted that the price of the sewage treatment package
No matter how big the industry is, they should definitely be bought from a reputable company
These packages are from unreliable and low-quality companies, no special support for
It has no customers and can destroy all the fees paid for them.
Also, the process of water purification and consumption in the production unit is facing major problems
will be.

Factors affecting the price of the industrial wastewater treatment package

In order to more accurately determine the price of chemical wastewater treatment packages, one should pay enough attention to the details, the type of parts and units, as well as the environmental and climatic conditions of the installation of the device. Of course, the producers of these packages determine the price for their products according to all the mentioned conditions.

The material of the body of the purification device: as mentioned in the previous topic, the body of the device can be made of metal, composite or polyethylene, which is of great importance in determining the price of the purification package. The choice of body material is important for industries that use this type of packages because this body acts as a cover to protect other parts and electronic and mechanical systems. Another thing that can be effective in choosing the material of the body is the amount of space available in the environment.

Climatic conditions: Another thing that directly affects the price as well as the type of body material is the climatic conditions. Iran has four different climates, and based on this type of climate, a specific type of package will be used in each region. In the hot and dry climates of Iran, such as the central regions, Kerman, Isfahan, Shiraz, etc., strong and hot radiation makes it necessary to use a material for making packages that is resistant to sunlight and heat, and the least amount of damage is transmitted to the internal systems.
In cold and dry climates such as Ardabil, Kurdistan, East and West Azerbaijan, etc., the main problem is the freezing of sewage and parts. In this regard, a suitable material should be used to cover the body in order to prevent such incidents as much as possible.

In the temperate and humid climates of Iran, such as the northern regions, the air humidity is high, which will cause many corrosions and rusts. As a result, a body cover resistant to moisture and water should be used.

3. The type of wastewater entering the treatment package: Another factor that affects the design of the device, how it works, and also determines the price of the package, is the type of incoming wastewater. In general, incoming wastewaters are divided into four main categories: industrial wastewater, human wastewater, sanitary wastewater, and combined urban wastewater. To purify and process a high-quality wastewater from any type of wastewater, a system and package must be used in accordance with the type of wastewater.

Flow rate and volume of incoming wastewater to the industrial wastewater treatment package: In fact, the most important factor in determining the price of the industrial wastewater treatment package is the volume of incoming wastewater. The larger the volume of the sewage inlet, the design of the sewage and waste water package tanks should be done with a larger volume. It is better for producers of this type of packages to design and implement tanks to receive wastewater up to 1500 cubic meters.
Types of systems used in wastewater treatment: The systems used in the design and construction of chemical and industrial wastewater treatment packages are effective in determining the price of these packages. Among these systems, we can mention the quality and brand of the module, parts and connections, aeration blowers, aeration system, sewage transfer pump, mechanical processes for wastewater preparation, etc.

Features of the industrial wastewater treatment package According to the features of the industrial wastewater treatment package, purchase this type of package It can have many benefits for the owners of industries and factories be In fact, despite the superior technology and numerous parts used in them, this type From many benefits packages for industrial environments and in addition for the environment are accompanied Among the most important features that create an advantage are as follows Is; The first and most important feature of these devices is preservation environment and significantly reduce the amount of damage to nature. Various designs of wastewater treatment packages Chemical can be according to the amount and type of pollutant and organic matter present in Sewage, treat it and produce wastewater. The very high speed of preparing these packages The production of high-quality wastewater is one of the other features of various industrial wastewater treatment packages Is. With the continuous operation of aeration technology in the packages Purification, unpleasant production odors during the work are minimized and the workshop environment It does not have an unpleasant smell. Installation and commissioning of various purification packages Industrial wastewater is produced at a very high speed. Parts and bodies of waste water preparation and purification devices Sewage is of very high quality. All parts, pipes and fittings available in These packages are resistant to atmospheric factors such as humidity, radiation, etc., as well as impact They are very resistant to corrosion. To install most of these types of devices, no need Civil infrastructures are not extensive and special and are easily installed. These packages are fully installed and The technologies in them are designed in such a way that there is no need to prepare Additional systems and expenses will not be added. Among other features of this type of purification packages It should be mentioned their maintenance costs, which include the lowest amount. Of course, it is better that the packages are periodically checked and the maintenance items for them to be observed Consumption of electricity and other energies in this type The devices are minimal and this leads to financial optimization for industries and factories It is produced. All parts and systems used in These packages are made according to international standards and regulations of the organization The protection of the following environment is fully observed in them. Wastewater produced from industrial wastewater treatment It can be used in other industries such as agriculture, animal husbandry and in order to reduce consumption Water is used in some other industries. The body material of these packages as well as coordination Their efficiency will be selected according to the climatic conditions of the location. The design of the industrial wastewater treatment package can be Different dimensions have been made and sometimes even according to the order of the owners of the industry Factories specified the dimensions of the device.